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What’s Special About Auto Scrubber Squeegee Blades?

What’s Special About Auto Scrubber Squeegee Blades?
Floor Scrubber

If you own an auto scrubber, you’re probably wondering: What’s special about squeegee blades for auto scrubbers? These plastic blades are made of pliable urethane and are a great all-around choice. You can learn more about this material and what makes it great for cleaning with chemicals.

Floor Scrubber
Floor Scrubber

They are made of pliable urethane.

The squeegee blades on an auto scrubber are made of gum rubber or malleable urethane material. The former has high flexibility and is suitable for non-smooth floors. Urethane squeegees are best suited for rough surfaces and oily environments. They are usually more expensive than gum rubber squeegees.

Unlike gum rubber, urethane squeegees are more durable and oil-resistant than gum rubber. They also stick better to the floor surface than gum rubber squeegees. However, these squeegees can wear out more quickly than gum squeegees.

Squeegees are a critical part of an efficient water management system. They ensure that floors remain dry and safe, preventing slip-and-fall accidents. However, squeegee blades can leave streaks and debris on the floor if improperly maintained. Not only can this create a hazard, but it can also waste valuable time. Auto scrubber squeegees are made of rubber or urethane and are designed to fit within the squeegee attachment of an auto scrubber.

The specifications of the original part should purchase floor scrubber squeegees. They can be purchased online through retail sites that sell OEM parts. You can search for a specific blade by model number or browse through a catalog. You can also look for low-cost squeegees through a catalog.

They work well with chemicals.

Scrubbers work best with clean, dry floors. These machines leave floors dry after each pass, so you can immediately reopen the areas you clean. This is not always possible with other methods, such as dust mopping. When wet floors, guests can step on them and make them even dirtier. Auto scrubbers solve this problem by removing the floors’ slurry so you can reuse them as soon as possible.

There are two types of squeegee blades available for auto scrubbers. The first type is the Linatex (r) material, which has excellent chemical resistance and won’t swell like gum rubber. This material is also more flexible and rip-resistant, making it a good choice for floors with oily or uneven surfaces. You can easily identify these squeegees by their opaque color, which tends to be more expensive.

When purchasing a new squeegee for your auto scrubber, choose a squeegee designed for the manufacturer’s cleaning machine. OEM squeegees are designed for optimal performance, while third-party ones are not made for auto scrubbers. You can purchase look-alike squeegees, but you’ll have to compromise on the quality of cleaning. Besides, they may be more expensive and not offer the same results.

Another consideration is how the squeegee blade is adjusted. The squeegee blades should be angled toward the floor. A slighter pitch under the front squeegee blade is required for a smoother floor. The squeegee may leave more water on the floor if the blade is angled toward the wall.

Floor Scrubber
Floor Scrubber

They can leave water and solution behind.

Auto scrubbers have squeegee blades that collect water and cleaning solutions from the floor. After just one pass, a properly functioning squeegee will leave the floor clean and dry. If the blades are damaged or not installed properly, they may leave a trail of water and solution, increasing the risk of slips and falls.

The rear squeegee blade must make good contact with the floor across its width to clean the floor effectively. Otherwise, the squeegee will wear down and create water streaks. To avoid water streaks, the rear squeegee has four cleaning edges. The length of each cleaning edge varies and depends on the type of floor and surface.

Before starting the cleaning process, make sure the area to be cleaned is properly dust mopped. Dust and debris can cause a large amount of damage to the floor. To prevent these problems, sweep or dry mop the floor before the scrubber begins cleaning.

Auto scrubbers must be cleaned frequently to prevent excessive dust buildup and clogging. The vacuum hose should be back flushed regularly to ensure maximum suction for the squeegee assembly. The debris tray should be clean to maintain optimum airflow. Also, the lid gasket should be free of dirt and debris.

It is important to replace the squeegee blades regularly. The cleaning will become less effective if the blades are too worn or dull. If you don’t want to replace the squeegees every few months, you should consider buying OEM squeegees for your scrubber. Third-party squeegees are not designed for cleaning machines and can cause problems.

They are easy to maintain

Regular maintenance is a great way to prevent your auto scrubber from becoming unusable. Removing the squeegee blade allows you to inspect it for any tears or curled edges. Replace the squeegee blade when necessary.

The squeegee is one of the most important parts of an auto scrubber. It comes in contact with a variety of materials and tough situations. Keeping the edges of your squeegees clean is important because they’ll be exposed to dirt and other debris. A squeegee in good shape will have four square edges, but a worn one will have a slope-like angle. If your squeegee shows this problem, it’s time to replace the blade.

Ensure that the squeegee blades are adjusted properly to ensure maximum water pickup. The blades are easy to adjust using a crescent wrench. By adjusting the squeegee blade pitch, you can improve the cleaning efficiency of your auto scrubber. Make sure the squeegee blade edge is pointing towards the floor.

Regular cleaning is also important. Clean the blade with a soft broom handle to ensure the squeegee is properly functioning. Likewise, clean the squeegee’s recovery tank to improve its suction. Clean it regularly to avoid the squeegee from getting clogged.

Squeegees are a very important part of floor scrubbing; if worn out, they will not be effective at cleaning the floor. A worn squeegee will result in streaking, so it is vital to inspect the squeegee regularly to ensure it is in good condition. If you notice a streak, you should replace the squeegee blade. A new squeegee blade will provide superior results and help you save money.

Unlike traditional squeegees, auto scrubber squeegees do not need replacement. If you notice that the blades have started to lose their effectiveness, you can easily sharpen them.


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