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What Are PVC Vacuum Hose And Drain Hose?

What Are PVC Vacuum Hose And Drain Hose?
PVC Vacuum Hose
What Are PVC Vacuum Hose And Drain Hose

What are PVC vacuum hoses and drain hoses? This article will introduce you to several types of PVC hoses. You’ll learn about corrugated PVC, Polyurethane (PU), and Shields Series-135 hoses. You’ll also discover how to choose the right one for your needs. Let’s take a look!

Corrugated PVC suction/discharge hose

Corrugated PVC suction/dissemination hoses are designed for vacuum and gravity flow applications. These hoses are suitable for transferring liquid or dry bulk materials and conform to USDA and 3-A sanitary specifications. They are also suitable for the transfer of granular materials.

Corrugated PVC suction/dissemination hoses are lightweight and flexible. They are available in clear and white helix. They can handle working pressures of 35 to 75 psi. Their small bend radius allows them to be used in tight bends. In addition, these hoses are available with a smooth cover, making them ideal for bulk material handling applications.

Corrugated PVC suction/dissemination hoses are FDA approved and are a good choice for food-grade applications. These hoses are suitable for meat and poultry plants, dairies, and wineries. They are also available in custom sizes.

Depending on the application, a Corrugated PVC suction/dissection hose can convey various liquids, gases, and materials. FDA and USDA approved the Corrugated PVC series as suitable for various food-processing applications. It is made with a specially engineered compound for the food-processing industry. In addition to being FDA-approved, it is also approved for use in poultry and meat processing plants.

Polyurethane (PU) hoses

Polyurethane (PU) hoses are durable, flexible, and ideal for many applications. They are more abrasion resistant than PVC hoses, have tremendous pressure and vacuum ratings, and are flexible at low temperatures. The material’s low cost makes them an excellent choice for many applications.

This material is widely used in welding, pneumatic control systems, and robotics. Its outstanding temperature rating makes it suitable for many applications, including food and drink. It is also FDA-approved for use with foods. A polyurethane drain hose or vacuum hose can range in price from four to twenty dollars, depending on its diameter.

Polyurethane hose is ideal for use in applications requiring high throughput. It can also withstand abrasive conditions. The PU material is available in various sizes and custom lengths, making it a great choice for various jobs. It is also compatible with all leaf vacuum systems and lawn machines. It comes with various collars and FREE shipping in the continental United States.

This material has a low friction coefficient. This means that PU hoses are more abrasion resistant than PVC hoses. Unlike PVC, they are not as flexible as rubber hoses, which can wear out easily over time.

The PU drain hose is especially durable, but the PU drain hose should be inspected regularly to ensure that it is in good condition. There are a variety of PU hoses on the market, and you may want to buy more than one if necessary. Generally, a PU drain hose should be replaced every three to five years.

PE Flex Vaculoop flexible drain hose

PE Flex Vaculoop is a lightweight, flexible drain hose that is designed for use in light-bulk material handling. It features a smooth interior to provide efficient airflow. It is IAMPO compliant, gray in color, and comes in standard 50-foot sections. Designed to work in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it is crush resistant and has an internal structure that prevents clogging.

PE Flex Vaculoop is made from polyethylene, a type of plastic. It is a common material for various types of hoses and is very inexpensive. Moreover, PE is a durable material ideal for outdoor applications. It can resist various types of corrosive elements.

Shields Series-135 hose

The Shields Series-135 vacuum and drain hoses are excellent for various uses, including engine water and circulation. They feature a fabric-reinforced EPDM tube and cover and are ideal for a wide range of temperature ranges. These hoses are also resistant to mild chemicals and ozone.

These hoses come in many sizes and are FDA-approved. Choose one that matches your application to get the best performance. Shields offers a wide range of hose lengths, ranging from five feet to several hundred feet. To find a specific length, you can search on the company’s website.


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