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Tennant T3: The Ultimate Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Tennant T3: The Ultimate Walk Behind Floor Scrubber
Tennant T3: The Ultimate Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

What is Tennant T3, and why choose it as your walk-behind floor scrubber?

What is Tennant T3, and why choose it as your walk-behind floor scrubber?


Tennant T3 is a compact, powerful walk-behind floor scrubber designed for efficient cleaning. With its innovative features and capabilities, it has revolutionized the way businesses maintain clean and hygienic floors. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, the Tennant T3 makes cleaning tasks more manageable and less time-consuming. It is a preferred choice for businesses looking for a reliable and efficient solution for their cleaning needs.

How does Tennant T3 clean your floor effectively?

Tennant T3 features a unique scrubbing system that combines cylindrical brushes and a squeegee to achieve exceptional cleaning results. The cylindrical brushes rotate at high speeds, loosening dirt and debris from the floor surface, while the squeegee collects the dirty water and leaves the floor dry. The machine also has adjustable brush pressure and speed, effectively cleaning various floor types. Its versatility and efficiency make it ideal for businesses with multiple cleaning needs.

Why is Tennant T3 the best walk-behind floor scrubber for battery life?

Tennant T3 boasts an impressive battery life, making it an excellent choice for businesses that require extended cleaning periods. The machine’s battery can last up to 4 hours on a single charge, allowing for extended cleaning sessions without frequent recharging. This feature saves time, increases efficiency, and improves productivity. The machine also has a unique battery-saving mode that automatically shuts off the engine after a certain period of inactivity to prolong battery life.

What makes Tennant T3 a durable and long-lasting machine?

Tennant T3 is built to last, with robust construction and high-quality components that ensure durability and longevity. The machine is made of impact-resistant materials, making it resistant to damage from accidental collisions. It features a heavy-duty, maintenance-free cast aluminum brush housing that withstands wear and tear. The T3 is also designed with fewer parts, making it easy to maintain and repair, reducing downtime and costs.

Why is Tennant T3 a better alternative to using traditional floor cleaning methods?

Tennant T3 offers several advantages over traditional floor cleaning methods. For one, it is more efficient and effective, allowing businesses to clean faster and more thoroughly. It is also eco-friendly, using less water and chemicals, reducing the environmental impact. It is a safer option, as the machine reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents by leaving floors dry and slip-resistant. Lastly, it reduces labor costs, requires less manual labor, and can cover larger areas of the bed in less time. Overall, Tennant T3 offers a better, more versatile, cost-effective solution to traditional floor cleaning methods.

What are the features and specifications of Tennant T3?

What are the features and specifications of Tennant T3?


The Tennant T3 floor scrubber is a user-friendly and versatile machine that can clean surfaces such as concrete, tile, marble, and rubber. It has a scrub head size of 17 inches, a brush speed of 190 RPM, and a water capacity of 10.5 gallons. This machine weighs 187 pounds and measures 50 inches in length, 26 inches in width, and 42.5 inches in height. The Tennant T3 floor scrubber is designed to maneuver easily in narrow and tight spaces.

Cleaning Solution for the Tennant T3 Floor Scrubber

The Tennant T3 floor scrubber requires cleaning solutions designed explicitly with floor scrubbers. The machine is compatible with various cleaning solutions ranging from mild to heavy-duty. For instance, gentle cleaning solutions such as neutral pH cleaners are suitable for daily cleaning, while heavy-duty cleaners are helpful for deep cleaning and removing tough stains. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions free from harmful chemicals are compatible with the Tennant T3 floor scrubber.

Battery Life and Charging Time of the Tennant T3 Floor Scrubber

The Tennant T3 floor scrubber has two 12V 105 Ah AGM batteries lasting up to 3 hours on a single charge. The machine can be fully charged within 8-10 hours. The battery life can be extended by adjusting the machine’s settings based on the cleaning needs. For example, reducing the machine’s brush speed can help to conserve battery power.

Size and Storage Requirements of the Tennant T3

The Tennant T3 floor scrubber has a compact design that makes it easy to store and maneuver. The machine requires a storage space of approximately 60 inches in height, 30 inches in width, and 60 inches in depth. The compact size and maneuverability of the Tennant T3 floor scrubber make it suitable for use in small spaces such as hallways, offices, and retail stores.

Tank Capacity and Its Effect on Productivity and Efficiency

The tank capacity of the Tennant T3 floor scrubber is 10.5 gallons. The tank capacity plays a significant role in the productivity and efficiency of the machine. A larger tank capacity means that the device can clean a more extensive area before the need for a refill. This, in turn, improves the efficiency and productivity of the device by reducing the number of stops required for refilling.

Parabolic Squeegee and How It Works

The Tennant T3 floor scrubber is equipped with a parabolic squeegee designed to reduce the water left on the floor after cleaning. The curved squeegee creates a contact angle with the floor, ensuring the machine picks up all the water and solution. The squeegee is made of a durable material designed to last longer, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

How to select and use Tennant T3 for your floor cleaning needs?

How to select and use Tennant T3 for your floor cleaning needs?


When selecting Tennant T3 as your walk-behind floor scrubber, consider the floor types and sizes of areas in your business. Tennant T3 comes in different models with specifications suitable for floor types like tile, concrete, or vinyl. Choose a model with adequate power and brush size to clean your floors effectively. Also, consider maintenance costs, warranty coverage, and optional features like detergent tanks or squeegees based on your needs.

What factors should you consider before purchasing Tennant T3 as your walk-behind floor scrubber?

Floor types and sizes of areas in your business to choose the right model
Power and brush specifications suitable for your floors
Maintenance costs and warranty coverage
Optional features like detergent tanks or squeegees based on your requirements
Budget – Tennant T3 models are available at different price points based on specifications

What are the safety measures and precautions to consider when using Tennant T3?

Ensure the floor is dry before use to prevent slipping
Wear proper protective gear like closed shoes, gloves, and eye protection
Never put hands near rotating brushes or scrub pads
Ensure the squeegee or brush is lowered before moving the machine
Never operate the device without proper training
Unplug the power cord and allow components to stop moving before performing maintenance or clearing jams.

Where to buy Tennant T3 and get the best deals?

Where to buy Tennant T3 and get the best deals?


As a professional, I recommend buying a Tennant T3 floor scrubber directly from Tennant Company or an authorized dealer to receive the best value, warranty, and customer support. Buying from unauthorized sellers could void the warranty or result in receiving a faulty or replica product. Compare prices across different dealers and Tennant’s website to find the best deal.

How do you confidently shop for Tennant T3 online and receive the best customer support?

When shopping for Tennant T3 online, check that you are buying from Tennant Company or an authorized dealer to ensure you receive genuine products and services. Read through product details, specifications, and customer reviews, and watch video demonstrations to understand the suitable model for your needs. Reputable sellers will offer a solid return policy, product support, and parts availability. Contact customer service before purchasing to assess their responsiveness and knowledge. Once bought, register your product on Tennant’s website to activate the warranty and receive the latest updates.

What are some alternative options for buying a new Tennant T3 floor scrubber?

If a brand new Tennant T3 is beyond your budget, consider refurbished, previously owned, or leased options:
Refurbished: Tennant refurbishes and resells used T3 machines as good as new at a lower price. They come with a warranty and are a cost-effective choice.
Previously owned: Buy a used Tennant T3 from an equipment dealer or marketplace to save money but inspect the machine thoroughly before purchase and ensure any remaining warranty is transferable.
Leased: Lease a new or used Tennant T3 from an equipment leasing company for a monthly fee instead of purchasing outright. This avoids upfront costs, but you do not own the machine once the lease ends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the dimensions of the Tennant T3?

A: The Tennant T3 model has a scrubbing width of 20 inches and is 68.5 inches long.

Q: What is the battery life of the Tennant T3 walk-behind scrubber?

A: The Tennant T3 walk-behind scrubber has a battery life of up to 24 hours per charge.

Q: Is the Tennant T3 easy to maneuver?

A: Yes, the Tennant T3 walk-behind scrubber is designed for easy maneuvering to clean tight spaces and corners.

Q: How does the Tennant T3 clean the floor?

A: The Tennant T3 uses a parabolic squeegee system to recover cleaning solution from the floor, leaving it dry and ready to use.

Q: What makes cleaning with the Tennant T3 more comfortable?

A: The Tennant T3 has an ergonomic design that makes cleaning more comfortable for the operator, even during long cleaning sessions.

Q: Is the Tennant T3 quiet enough to use in noise-sensitive environments?

A: The Tennant T3 is designed to operate at a sound level of 75 decibels or less, making it a quiet option for noise-sensitive environments.

Q: Are the tanks on the Tennant T3 easy to access for cleaning?

A: Yes, the tanks on the Tennant T3 are designed for easy access and cleaning, ensuring there is no buildup of mold, bacteria, or contaminants that can grow.

Q: What is reconditioning for the Tennant T3 meant for?

A: Reconditioned Tennant T3s have been restored to their original condition, providing the same quality and reliability as new machine units. This is a cost-efficient way to acquire quality equipment.

Q: What are the benefits of a Tennant T3 walk-behind floor scrubber?

A: The Tennant T3 walk-behind floor scrubber is a cleaning machine that is quieter, safer, more efficient, and more convenient than manual cleaning. It has a self-adjusting squeegee system and a convenient debris tray, making cleaning the unit more efficient and effective.


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