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PVC Vacuum Hose/Drain Hose for Hako

We are the supplier of PVC vacuum hose/drain Hose for Hako in China, welcome to contact us!

PVC Vacuum/Drain Hose for Hako

PVC Vacuum/Drain Hose for Hako

Applicable Model: Hako B45/BR75

We have a selection of vacuum and drain hoses for Hako B45, and BR75. These vacuum and drain hoses are made of high-quality PVC, suitable for Hako B45. They are made to the highest standards and feature a 1/4″ I.D., which is compatible with most vacuum pumps and drainers. The hose lengths are measured from end to end including the ends, not from centre to centre.

The B45 is the most popular vacuum cleaner in the UK with over 1 million sold. It has been used by many professional cleaning companies for years and is still very popular. The BR75 is the successor to the B45 and comes with a number of improvements including a larger head (which means it cleans more area per pass), a double filtration system, a longer hose and an improved brush design. It also has a better filtration system than previous models so it doesn’t lose suction as quickly when cleaning carpets.

Tube Range Price:
USD 4.999–USD 9.999

Product Parameters

We can also provide customized service for you!!! We have more models, you are welcome to inquire!”Vacuum Hoses & Drain Hose

NO.ItemApplicable ModelSize(mm)Material
CMC-TB-030Vacuum HosesHako B45ID38(Double Layer)*1100mm,44+85(ID55)90APVC
CMC-TB-031Drain HoseHako B45ID38(Double Layer)*600mm,KS0007&KS0012PVC
CMC-TB-032Vacuum HosesHako BR75ID38(Double Layer)*1400mm,44+85(ID55)90APVC
CMC-TB-033Drain HoseHako BR75ID38(Double Layer)*780mm,KS0059(ID80LBK)&KS0012PVC

Features of PVC Vacuum/Drain Hose

♦ PVC material, very light in weight and flexible.

♦ High quality, long lifespan, durable and reliable.

♦ The hose can be bent at any angle without cracking or leakage.

♦ It is suitable for use with all types of vacuum cleaners and hoses.

Tube Range Price:
USD 4.999–USD 9.999

Features of PVC Vacuum/Drain Hose
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