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How to Replace Squeegee For Floor Scrubbing

How to Replace Squeegee For Floor Scrubbing
Floor Scrubber

One of the biggest problems you may encounter with a squeegee is that it is not pressed with the correct force. If it is pressed too lightly, it will not seal the wiping edge with the floor, while a heavy pressing will cause it to fold over and ride on the floor. To avoid this, you may want to check the wheel alignment of the squeegee.

Floor Scrubber
Floor Scrubber


If you want a quality floor squeegee, consider the Comarc brand. Its premium rubber is made from 95-percent natural latex and has exclusive manufacturing processes. This material is stronger and has better resilience and abrasion resistance than other rubber squeegees. It is also made with special properties for wet abrasion. The patented manufacturing process also provides significant cost benefits for the user.

Comarc is an excellent choice for floor squeegees because of its high performance and long life. It also has a high durometer, which helps reduce squeegee noise. It is also resistant to chemical reactions. It can be used with petroleum and organic oils. Another good option for floor squeegees is gum rubber, a natural material mixed with fillers. Its red color gives it a premium look and is highly resistant to tearing.

Comarc premium natural rubber is a great option for wet and dry applications. The premium red material has great resistance to chemicals and won’t swell like gum rubber. Its blades also have excellent flexibility and rip resistance. In addition, they can handle even rough floors and oily environments with ease. Alternatively, you can opt for a chemical-resistant urethane squeegee.


If you’re planning to replace your old squeeze for floor scrubbing, you should think about using Urethane instead. This synthetic rubber offers many advantages over Comarc, including a softer blade and resistance to oil. Comarc and natural rubber both can get wavy and lose their effectiveness when exposed to oily floor soil. Urethane is more resistant to oil and can stay in its original shape, even in oily environments.

Depending on the type of floor surface you’re working on, you may want to choose between two types of squeegee material: Comarc(r) and polyurethane. The first is an economic choice, while the latter is suited for floors with heavy traffic and oily environments. Urethane is a durable, chemical-resistant material that offers outstanding strength and flexibility. Both are excellent choices for floor scrubbing, but a Comarc squeegee is better for floor surfaces where you need to clean a lot of oil and grease.

Floor Scrubber
Floor Scrubber

Unlike traditional rubber squeegees, polyurethane squeegee blades are made to last for years. Most of them come with a wooden handle. You can purchase squeegee blades with straight edges or triangular serrations.

If you’re replacing a squeegee for floor cleaning, you can consider using natural rubber instead of synthetic. It’s a natural material and can be recognized by its light tan color. Because it’s flexible, natural rubber squeegee blades work well on flat floors as well as tiled floors with grout lines. However, you should know that natural rubber will wear out faster.

Gum rubber

When you need to replace your floor squeegee, the first thing to consider is what type of squeegee blade to buy. Gum rubber squeegee blades are the least expensive and are best for smooth floors. However, gum rubber will swell if used in an oily environment. Instead of relying on gum rubber, you should look for a squeegee blade that’s made from a chemical-resistant material like urethane. This material is more durable and has excellent pickup.

When purchasing a replacement squeegee blade, make sure to look for one with a reversible blade to maximize water collection. You can choose from a front squeegee or a rear squeegee. Both work together to remove dirt and water from a floor. The front squeegee will remove the excess dirt from the floor, while the rear squeegee will collect up 100% of the solution left behind.


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