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How many types of floor scrubber pads are there?

How many types of floor scrubber pads are there?
How many types of floor scrubber pads are there?

There are a few different types of floor scrubber pads that you can use. The type of pad you need depends on the type of flooring you have and the machine you use.

What are scrubber pads?

The technical term for scrubber pads is called scrubber scrubbing pads. There are also many customers who call them scrubber pads, scrubber floor polishing pads, square scrub sanding pads, and so on, according to their own understanding.

How many types of floor scrubber pads are there?

The scrubber pads are used for cleaning and polishing floors and tiles. It can be divided into three colors, respectively, white, black, and red; different colors of the white cleaning pad function are also different. The darker the color, the higher the hardness and wear resistance, from soft to hard, in order of division: white, red, and black.

White, red and black scrubber scrubbing pads
White, red, and black scrubber scrubbing pads

white pad

The white pad is widely used for waxing and decontaminating ceramic polishing tiles and is the waxing consumable of the assembly line polishing tile waxing machine. Now gradually into the ordinary family floor, floor tile cleaning, waxing polishing. Suitable for medium and soft floor polishing.

Red pad

The red pad removes light scratches and stains, forming a smooth and shiny surface. It is ideal for daily cleaning and polishing.

black pad

The black pad is highly abrasive, hard-wearing, and durable, mainly used for floor decontamination, and is the first stage for starting polishing. Effectively removes wax surfaces, stains, and glossy coatings.


So we speak from the function, from the ground complex analysis, general hard ground is divided into terrazzo, marble, diamond sand, cement, and other ground; cleaning this ground can choose a higher hardness of the black cleaning pad; epoxy flooring is the most common tender ground, cleaning can choose red cleaning pad for cleaning;

If it is a new epoxy flooring, you can use the softest white scrubber cleaning pads for the best cleaning effect. Usually, white cleaning pads are soft and primarily used in ground waxing and polishing.


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