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electric solution valve for floor scrubber

COMARC is a professional China manufacturer of electric solution valves. We are here to provide you with reasonable service, and top-quality products. COMARCH always keeps the faith that safety is first, quality is paramount and credit standing is advanced.

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What is electric solution valve for floor scrubber?

The electric solution valve is an electromagnetic force-driving opening and closing valve, that applies to the Floor Scrubber
The electric solution valve has Excellent high-temperature performance of long-term resistance to 100°C. boiling water without water leakage.
The action of stable performance, and long service life.
Meet the wading safety requirements.


DC24/8-9W 0-0.85PSI

How the electric solution valve works

The electric solution valve is an electromechanical force-driving opening and closing valve that controls the outflow of clean water in the tank. This valve has a piston rod with a plug inside, which controls the direction of the flow. When the voltage is applied, the piston moves and opens or closes the valve. 

Electric Solution Valve

electric solution valve for floor scrubber advantages and features

♦ Compared with other floor scrubber electric solution valves, this electric solution valve has excellent corrosion resistance. Corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel and titanium alloys are widely used. The material itself has excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance.

♦ High mechanical strength and rigidity. The mechanical strength of the electronic control device should reach 8MPa, which meets the requirements of the use environment.

♦ Excellent long-term resistance to 100 ℃ high temperature.

♦ Lower noise than most electric solution valves for floor scrubbers during operation.

♦This electric solution valve applies to ABCO Commercial Floor Scrubber、Charnock Floor Scrubber、Clenli Direct Floor Scrubber and other brands. For more information, please consult customer service。

What to do if the electric solution valve of the floor scrubber encounters a fault

If you have a floor scrubber, chances are it has an electric solution valve. These valves can sometimes get stuck or leak when they’re not working properly. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to fix the issue.

Are the wires hooked up? Most of these have two wires; check to make sure they’re both connected. Some valves also have an adjustment to increase or decrease the amount of water coming out. Is it turned off or down all the way?

There could also be debris inside this valve. When that happens, it plugs up and can also drip water all the time because the valve can’t shut completely.

First, try turning off your power supply and then unplugging your machine from any cords connected to it. Make sure there’s nothing around the valve that could get caught in any moving parts (like your hand!). Then turn on your machine again and see if it works properly now. If so, congratulations! You’ve fixed your problem!

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