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B32-24V 530W Vacuum Motors(B-2-3)

COMARC Corporation is an innovative and leader vacuum motors, vacuum pump and related equipment manufacturer. We are committed to offer the cost-effective, reliable and long service life products.

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B32-24V 530W Vacuum Motors(B-2-3)

B32-24V 530W Vacuum Motors(B-2-3) Vacuum Motors are manufactured by our skilled workforce using premium quality raw materials to ensure our products’ best performance and durability. These are available in different specifications as per customer requirements. The offered COMARC B32-24V Vacuum Motors are known for their excellent performance and long service life. Moreover, our quality controller team tests them on various parameters to ensure their flawlessness. These products can be available at very reasonable rates within the prescribed delivery time frame.


We can also provide customized service for you!!!We have more models, you are welcome to inquire!”Vacuum Motors”

COMMODITYComarc B32 Motor(B-2-3)
MODEL NO.CMC-DD-B32-24(B-2-3)
APPLICATIONFloor Scrubbers


RATED SPEEDOpened 22000rpm(±10%)
VIBRATIONThe electric fan in the normal running state,The radial vibration≤1.5mm/s

How does a vacuum motor work?

A vacuum motor is an electric motor that creates a vacuum in a sealed chamber. This allows the motor to operate without the usual air drag, which makes it useful in applications where high speeds are needed while keeping speed constant over long distances.

The most common form of vacuum motor uses a diaphragm or piston to pump air out of a sealed chamber, while another type uses pressurized gas to force air out of the chamber. The pressure differential between the inside and outside of the chamber causes the diaphragm or piston to move back and forth, which turns the shaft of the motor.

In some applications, such as pneumatic tools, a vacuum motor can be used instead of an electric motor. This reduces noise levels and vibration compared with an electric motor and allows for greater control over torque and speed by varying your hand pressure on the tool’s handle.

B32-24V Vacuum Motors
B32-24V Vacuum Motors

What can you make with a vacuum motor?

Here are some uses for a vacuum motor:

Vacuum cleaners: The most obvious use of a vacuum motor is in vacuum cleaners. The motor drives a fan that sucks air into the machine and expels it through a nozzle at high speed. This creates a partial vacuum inside the machine that draws dirt into its suction head, causing it to cling onto the cleaned surface. The dirt gets trapped inside the machine as it passes through various filters and brushes before being expelled from the exhaust port at the back of the machine when you release your grip on its trigger.

Blenders: Blenders use their type of suction to blend ingredients quickly and efficiently. A blender consists of several blades mounted around a rotating shaft; when you turn on the blender, these blades spin rapidly and pull food towards them by creating an eddy current that drags particles toward the blade. The suction created by this process ensures that all the ingredients are blended evenly and thoroughly.

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