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Application Scenarios of Floor Machine Squeegee

Application Scenarios of Floor Machine Squeegee
Floor Scrubber

Floor machine squeezes are useful for removing liquid from various floors. Some have a trailing blade 37 that funnels the liquid toward the suction ports. This allows the squeezer to remove the liquid from the floor in an effective manner. A floor machine squeeze is useful for cleaning floors in warehouses, retail stores, and car parks.

Floor Scrubber
Floor Scrubber


Urethane squeegees are manufactured from custom-formulated urethane material to offer excellent water pick-up and performance. They are safe and ideal for cleaning oily floors or rough surfaces. They are also more durable and offer superior flexibility. For the best performance, buy a blade made of urethane.

Urethane is a chemical-resistant, flexible material that has long-lasting performance. It also resists tearing in sliding applications. It has a high durometer and helps reduce squeegee noise. It is also resistant to various chemicals and is compatible with petroleum-based and organic oils. Urethane is also a more affordable alternative to premium rubber.

For industrial uses, polyurethane offers many benefits over natural rubber. The product is available in various hardness levels to meet specific requirements. It is also available in various thicknesses, making it possible to customize the material to fit specific applications. It is an excellent dampening agent. It also serves as a shock-absorbing layer between metal parts. Additionally, it can be fabricated to provide a non-slip surface.

For industrial applications, Urethane squeegees are a good choice. They can be used on a variety of surfaces, including tile. However, they are not suitable for scrubbing oily floors. Oily surfaces will cause them to warp and lose their cleaning capacity.

Floor squeegees made of urethane are more durable than standard rubber squeegees. They last longer and require less adjustment, reducing waste. Unlike squeegees made from other materials, urethane squeegees are made from natural rubber, which is renewable.


Linatex floor machine squeezes are made of premium rubber and come in various materials. Premium natural rubber squeegees are ideal for smooth floors with light traffic, while premium polyurethane squeegees are ideal for floors that require chemical and oil resistance. Both materials have specific characteristics, such as tear strength and resistance to wet abrasion. These characteristics are important for the application scenarios you’ll face with your floor machine squeegee.

Linatex floor machine squeezes are made of high-quality rubber and offer exceptional flexibility. They provide superior scrubbing power and are suitable for various floor cleaning scenarios. Eureka squeegees come with Linatex (r) blades and are designed for maximum water pick-up and adhesion to the floor.

Before purchasing a Linatex floor machine squeezes, choosing the right model for your needs is crucial. Consider your budget, the physical characteristics of the floor, and the total cost of ownership of the machine before making a final decision. You’ll reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by matching your floor machine to your job.

Floor Scrubber
Floor Scrubber


A squeegee assembly for floor cleaning machines includes a frame having an aperture for receiving the squeegee blade and a fixation device 38 for orienting the frame relative to the floor. A lifting member extends between the frame and the aperture and has a recess at the adjacent end to receive the biased member and couple the lifting member and the machine.

The blades of the squeegee assembly 30 are shaped to guide liquid to the suction ports on the floor. The first and second suction ports are adjacent and positioned in front of the leading squeegee blade. The wedges form a V-shape, which drives the liquid toward the suction ports.

The rollers can be selectively adjusted relative to the frame. The rollers can be adjusted to determine the angle at which the squeegee blade contacts the floor. The angle between the blade and floor is set by the position of the rollers relative to the frame.

The squeegee assembly 30 includes a lifter and a lifting member. The lifting member may be equipped with a biasing member to engage the lifter’s forked end to ensure a secure connection. The lifting member can also be disengaged from the squeegee assembly.

Floor machine squeezes come in various sizes, styles, and materials. For example, some models are made of gum, while others are made of urethane and latex. The former is recommended for floors with uneven surfaces, while the latter is preferred for floors in all environments. The latter is the most durable and resistant to chemicals.


The use of a floor machine squeeze is beneficial for a variety of applications. For example, the squeezer can be used on tile and other hard surfaces, and it can also be used for unusual surfaces like golf greens. It is also useful for diverting water without damaging the surface.

Commercial floor squeegees come with straight or curved blades and are perfect for heavy-duty applications. Straight blades are suitable for moving water in large volumes, while curved ones are best for directing water toward the floor drains. A floor machine squeeze is typically made with a metal or plastic frame.

The frame of the floor machine squeeze is coupled with the squeegee. The squeegee is held in position by rollers, and the frame supports the squeegee in a predefined orientation. The rollers are designed to work with the squeegee to create an angle of contact between the squeegee and the floor.


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