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Advantages of Polyurethane Squeegee

Advantages of Polyurethane Squeegee
Floor Scrubber

If you want to squeegee your floors with better results, you should get a polyurethane squeeze. This squeezer is ideal for rough floors as it has better recovery than a standard front rubber squeegee. It is also lighter and easier to sharpen.

Floor Scrubber
Floor Scrubber

Better resistance to physical and chemical abrasion

The polyurethane squeeze is a better choice for screen printing jobs than rubber squeezes due to its improved abrasion resistance. These squeegees come in many different durometers and edge configurations, including single, double-angle, rounded, diamond, and other designs.

Polyurethane squeezes come in different sizes and types and can be made to meet most application requirements. These polymers are easy to process and offer great flexibility. They also last longer than rubber and plastic squeeze, reducing maintenance costs.

The abrasion characteristics of polyurethane squeegees depend on their chemical composition. The higher the percentage of soft segments, the better the abrasion resistance. In addition, elastomers with lower hardness have greater abrasion resistance. It is also possible to use polyurethane squeezes with different hardness levels.

Physical abrasion resistance is a critical property of friction products. In the past, materials used in these products were typically made of rubber, plastic, or metal. Still now, thermoset polyurethanes have emerged as the preferred choice for these high-wear applications.

Floor Scrubber
Floor Scrubber

High-performance polyurethanes are available from Plei-Tech (r) 23. This material offers outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance. It is also MSHA-approved and offers a wide range of hardness levels. It is also available in various colors and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Better abrasion resistance is essential for applications in the automotive industry. This material can be used as seat upholstery and trunk linings. It can also withstand greater levels of friction than rubber squeezes. Moreover, its better resistance to abrasion makes it an excellent choice for the interior of motor vehicles.

Another important property of polyurethane is that it has high tensile strength compared to standard Buna-N rubber. In addition to this, it has better shock-absorbing properties than standard rubber. It is also a durable material for vacuum-sealing applications and low-closure force applications.

The abrasion resistance of a textile product can be enhanced by choosing a polymer bonding agent. The polymer bonds to the substrate and the fabric at a high temperature. The final result is a product that has better abrasion resistance and an improved aesthetic appearance.


This lightweight polyurethane squeegee is ideal for general screen printing applications. Its lightweight design allows for smaller ink deposits and is widely used on high-mesh count screens. It can also be used for special effects inks, which are useful for printing light colours on darker fabrics.

Easy to sharpen

A polyurethane squeegee is a very durable and versatile tool. It can be used for stencil applications, single and multi-level emulsion or mesh screen printing. It has excellent tear resistance and is easy to sharpen. It also resists swell and has a life of 10 to 30 times longer than conventional rubber.


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