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We supply accessories to replace OEM parts for a floor scrubber.

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Comarc was founded on the basis of various cleaning equipment parts manufacturing factories. The goal is to provide more customers with better quality and better prices for cleaning equipment parts.

All the products we supply come from professional production factories. They have more than 8 years of experience in the production of cleaning equipment parts. From research and development to trial production to mass production, the whole process is under strict quality control to ensure that every product received by customers is qualified.

Up to now, all of our production factories have a total testing area of 230 square meters and 15 sets of testing equipment.

Comarc will serve every customer well with professional staff: “Everything is customer-oriented, continuous improvement of service and supply value”!

A professional manufacturer You Can Count on

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If you need more products, please contact us. Because we can also provide you with customization and development of supply chain services!

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