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2405-150W floor scrubber battery charger

COMARC is a professional manufacturer engaged in designing, R&D, manufacturing, and selling floor scrubber battery chargers, brush replacement, and hard floor scrubbing machines. Our products have been exported to more than 70 countries nationwide and well.

2405-150W floor scrubber battery charger

What is a 2405-150W floor scrubber battery charger?

This series of chargers is the design of the sealed structure. It is suitable for flooded lead acid batteries, sealed lead acid batteries, Lithium batteries, NI-MH batteries, Nickle Cadmium batteries, etc. They used to cycle charge or floating charge the battery pack in Elderly mobility scooters, Table Lifter, E-Mower, E-Tools, Medical wheelchairs, Hand push sweepers, electric power, ships, etc.


AC Input Voltage Range:90-264VAC;45-65Hz

AC Input Max Current : 1.2A@220VAC



Protection: IP45

2405-150W floor scrubber battery charger

Product Parameters Of 2405-150W floor scrubber battery charger

We can also provide customized service for you!!! We have more models; you are welcome to inquire!

ModelsRated Voltage for Battery PackMax Output VoltageMax Output current

Advantages of COMARC 2405-150W floor scrubber battery charger

Portable Seal Charger for Floor Scrubber Battery


Active Flyback technique is applied for a rapid response to a fault; Quick active software self-protection and reliable passive hardware self-protection on VOLTAGE&CURRENT; Advanced charging strategy is integrated as a safeguard for the battery system.


A powerful Aluminum technique shapes the shell. The active cooling fan is also designed to be a fan with a potting structure and a longer life. Products of Charger Series have been operating in all kinds of industrial environments (Wet. Hot. Cold. and High altitudes) for more than ten years, and the design has been proven to pass the verification.

floor scrubber
floor scrubber


♦ Triple Colors Indicator is compatible. The vehicle Charging Lock System is compatible. Meet common standards of charge for EV.
♦ Net Weight:0.65kg
♦ Operating Temperature:—30℃—65℃
♦ Storage Temperature:—40℃—95℃
♦ Burnout Protection: The temperature of the charger exceeds the limitation. The charge will low down the power load. Temperature of environment
exceeds 65℃, the charger will stop charging and
switch itself to standby mode until the temperature of the environment goes down.
♦ Protection for Reverse Connection of Batteries: The circuit inside the charger shuts down with batteries when the batteries are connected reversely and will not damage the charger.
♦ NO-load Protection: There is no output when the batteries are not connected.
Short Circuit: The circuit inside the charger shuts down with batteries when the output is a short circuit. The charger will start charging only after troubleshooting and restarting the charger.
♦ Automatic shutdown when fully charging: The charging automatically turns off after the battery is fully charged, according to the charger’s judgment.

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